Blogcast: 9 Lessons I’ve Learned in 9 Months of Pregnancy

Are you ready for this? This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. Because I’m currently days to weeks away from giving birth. And I have no idea where the last 9 months have gone!  It’s crazy to me how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. Especially because, in so many ways, … Read more

Blogcast: How to Cultivate Community While Social Distancing

Hello there lovelies! I hope you’re doing well these days. Can you believe we’re already half-way through July? The summer’s in full swing, but it definitely hasn’t been the average one. Personally, I’ve been itching for a relaxing getaway these past few months – but it wasn’t meant to be this year. So instead, I’m … Read more

Blogcast: 10 Amazing Black Women… Plus a Free Gift from Me!

2020 has definitely been off to an intense start. We’re almost halfway through the year and the world’s been going through some major shifts – bigger than most of us have ever seen before. And this past month in the US has been a particularly important one. The country is confronting one of the biggest … Read more

Blogcast: Ramadan 2020 – Spiritual Growth During a Pandemic

This Ramadan’s been different. It’s a version of this month that I didn’t imagine possible. There haven’t been any iftar gatherings or nightly prayers at the mosque. And our sense of community has shifted into an entirely virtual experience. It’s also been different on a more personal level for me this year – since I’m … Read more

Blogcast: 5 Tips for Coping with Uncertainty, Unexpected Change, and Overwhelming Feelings

Helloooo Friends! It’s been a while! I took an unexpected break from blogging, but I’m officially back at it and it feels so good to be writing again. I’ve missed you all! And even though it’s only been a couple of months since my last post, the world feels very different than it did back … Read more

Blogcast: 5 Strategies to Turn Your Dream Into Reality

Have you ever been really excited about a new idea, but struggled to take the leap and go for it? Do you still think about that idea these days?  Maybe you’re feeling pulled in too many directions to focus any time, energy, and attention on it. Or perhaps the project feels bigger than you and … Read more

Blogcast: How to Overcome Loneliness

Why do we get lonely?  This is a question that I’ve thought a lot about over the past few years. With each new season of life that’s come along in my twenties, I’ve noticed a few feelings that seem to come up over and over again. And loneliness has been one of them.  Even though … Read more

Blogcast: Can I Trust You?

5 Signs to Look for in Your Close Relationships Have you ever wondered if you can trust someone? Maybe a new person in your life? Or perhaps even somebody you’ve known for years? It’s not always easy to tell if/when someone is safe to share certain information or experiences with. And, of course, not everyone … Read more

Blogcast: How to Survive an Identity Crisis

Have you ever asked yourself the question Who am I?  This month, our theme at Bold True Life is identity and today I want to talk about what happens to our identity as we grow and go through big changes in life.  I don’t know about you, but my life these days looks very different … Read more

Blogcast: 3 Myths of Success

Does anything ever go the way we expect it to? I don’t remember the last time things went exactly as planned for me. Life isn’t really meant to work that way. And this past spring and summer have been no exception.  A few months ago, my sister and I decided to take a short hiatus … Read more

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