Blogcast: The Trap of Too Much/Not Enough

Have you ever felt like you’re too much of something? Or maybe not enough in some way? This a theme that’s come up for me recently. And it’s been a kind of confusing one to contend with. Thankfully, I’ve had chances, over the years, to practice recognizing and shedding unconscious judgements that I’ve held about … Read more

Blogcast: 10 Dates to Take YOURSELF On!

Do you like spending time alone? As an introvert, I definitely love my “me time”. But sometimes the idea of doing things alone seems… well, lonely. Several weeks ago, I wrote a piece about my first time falling in love on the 365 Days of Love blog. If you haven’t had a chance to check … Read more

Blogcast: Finding Joy in 2019

Are you enjoying your life? This is a question that’s been on my mind lately. And as we ease further into 2019, I’m recognizing that I’d love to feel more calm in my day-to-day moments this year. My husband’s always reminding me not to stress about things that are in the future and out of … Read more

Blogcast: What I Learned from Saying Goodbye

*Reminder: You can listen to this “blogcast” on the website now too.* A few weeks ago, I said goodbye to some of my very favorite people in the world. And it was pretty tough. As many of you may know, my sister and partner here at Bold True Life, Meimuna, recently moved halfway across the … Read more

Blogcast: How to Get Started

*Quick reminder – you have the choice of listening to this ‘blogcast’ now in addition to reading it!* One question people ask me all the time is how to start and stick with something new. Whether it’s an idea, goal, or intention – taking that first step can feel daunting. And since it’s that time … Read more

Blogcast: 18 Musings from 2018

*A quick note before jumping into this blog post: we’re trying something new this week – a blogcast! So you can listen to the post or read it… or both. I’d love for you to take a listen and let me know what you think!*   I can’t believe this is the final blog post of 2018! As … Read more

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