Ep 9: Imams who Cross the Line & the Woman who Holds them Accountable with Alia Salem

We’ve got a powerhouse as our guest on the podcast this week! You may not expect it when you see Alia Salem in the pretty pink hijab in her picture, but she’s a force to be reckoned with. A spiritual woman on a mission to make sure our spiritual leaders and communities are a safe space for us all. She is a long time activist and more recently, the founder and president of the organization FACE (Facing Abuse in Community Environments).
In this episode, we talk about how FACE came to be and why it’s necessary. Since we had our own experience with a “sheikh” that crossed the line, she walks us through the process of that we will be going through when we officially report him to FACE.
You’ll want to stick around to the end of this one y’all! Her answer to our last questions are PROFOUND. This particular episode will definitely resonate with those of you doing any kind of community work – social justice, therapy, coaching, teaching, etc..  you’re gonna wanna listen to this!
Keep up with Alia and FACE on social media!
Instagram: @FacingAbuse 

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