Ep 11: Relationships, Intimacy, & Sex Pt 2: Sexual Freedom for Muslim Women

This week on the show, we’re continuing the conversation we started in our last episode. And this time, The Village Auntie’s in the house! She’s a Muslim Hijabi sexpert.

Of course, we asked her ALL the sex questions we could pack into about an hour.

Our conversation weaves in both the philosophical and the practical.

She shares her take on the difference between modesty and shame.

We also talked about how to spice things up and get out of a routine even if we happen to be in a sexual rut.   She gives us practical tips on how to develop a healthier relationship with our own bodies.

If you’re single or divorced, we got you too! She gave some really good pointers on how to navigate that journey as well and so much more! Auntie Angie knows her stuff y’all! You will definitely learn something new in this episode and you’ll probably giggle too 🙂

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