Ep 12 – We Need You!

Here’s why: Our project, The Secret Lives of Muslim Women, is officially launching next Tuesday! And in this episode, we’re inviting YOU to join our mission!
During our conversation, we explore the connection between secrets and our growth. We share our personal behind the scenes story for birthing this idea and some of our strategies for allowing it to grow and come to fruition.

We are sooo excited about this project, but we can’t do it without YOUR help! We’re collecting anonymous secrets so that we can break stigmas and start conversations. But ultimately, our goal is to go beyond that and create a safe haven and a community of brave, authentic, nonjudgemental women who are committed to their spiritual and personal growth.

We talk about why you would want to consider sharing your secret with us anonymously

We recognize that this isn’t a small ask. It’s your truth. It’s your time. It’s your emotional energy. But, it’s priceless to us.  We know it will help you make a shift. And we know it will also help us and our community along the way.

You can share your secret here: https://boldtruelife.com/slform/

And make sure you’re part of our Bold True Tribe to receive the exclusive emails where we’ll be sharing the anonymous secrets, our personal food for thought, and some resources. You can subscribe to our email list on our website: www.boldtruelife.com

By the way, we will be taking a break from the podcast while we work on great new content and getting our Secret Lives project kicked off.

You can still connect with us on our blog and on social media!


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