Ep. 15: Surviving Betrayal – A Conversation on Trust with Susan Assaf

Bold True Life
Bold True Life
Ep. 15: Surviving Betrayal - A Conversation on Trust with Susan Assaf

This month at BTL, we’ve been talking about trust. And our guest in today’s podcast episode is a woman who’s devoted herself to helping others learn to trust themselves again  

Susan Assaf is a mother, educator, and entrepreneur who created the online space Living Your Best Plan B. In this conversation, she shares her story of marriage to a narcissist and how she made the choice to leave that relationship after 20 years. 

During this discussion, we chat about what gaslighting is – both what it looks and feels like. And Susan tells us about her personal experience with it over the 2 decades that she was married. She shares what it was like living in a constant state of stress for so long and the surprising physical symptoms she dealt with along the way. We also talk about what it took for her to start trusting herself again and make the decision to separate from her husband. 

This conversation is essentially about learning to trust after facing betrayal. Susan is so honest and full of real-life wisdom. Make sure to tune in because we can all learn something from her story! 

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Do you want to keep talking about trust?

Check out our minisode and blogcast episodes all about it. Happy listening! 

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