Ep. 16: Owning Your Truth – A Conversation on Life, Love, & Loneliness with Marci Moberg

Bold True Life
Bold True Life
Ep. 16: Owning Your Truth - A Conversation on Life, Love, & Loneliness with Marci Moberg

This month at BTL, we’ve been focusing on the theme of loneliness. And we had a very special guest join us for today’s episode. She’s one of Hanaa’s personal teachers and mentors. And her work is centered around empowering sensitive souls to hear and trust their intuition. 

Marci Moberg is an intuitive coach + healer, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher. During this conversation, she tells us about the long and winding path that led her to this work. Marci opens up about some of the major transitions she’s been through over the years including becoming a Muslim and then years later realizing she didn’t identify as solely Muslim anymore. 

We chat about the loneliness she’s experienced with each big change and how she got more comfortable with this feeling. Marci also shares what she’s learned from previous abusive relationships. And we discuss the difference between being isolated in a toxic relationship and feeling lonely in a healthy one. 

We get real about loneliness in this episode and Marci offers so much insight as well as practical ways to face our lonely moments. It’s a rich conversation that you’ll definitely enjoy listening to! 

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