Ep. 17 Finding your Purpose – A Conversation on Vision, Goal-Setting, and Meaningful Impact with Eman Idil

This month at BTL, we’ve been talking all about vision. And today, Eman Idil joined us on the podcast to continue the conversation! 

Eman is a journalist, fashion designer, yoga instructor, and law student. She’s a young woman whose brought so many big visions to life already! And in this discussion, she gives us a sneak peek of what it’s really like behind the scenes.

We chat about Eman’s journey as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and how she figured out her life purpose along the way. Eman shares how she knows when a big idea is worth pursuing, her take on finding balance with a busy schedule, and how she reconnects with her creativity when feeling stuck. 

This episode is full of funny stories and wise lessons. Eman is full of honest and helpful advice for pursuing a big vision. So if you’re looking for some practical inspiration – make sure to have a listen! 

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Do you want to keep talking about vision?

Check out our minisode and blogcast episodes all about it. Happy listening! 

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