Ep 19: From Surviving Trauma to Winning an Emmy – A Conversation with Laila Al-Arian

Bold True Life
Bold True Life
Ep 19: From Surviving Trauma to Winning an Emmy - A Conversation with Laila Al-Arian

This month at BTL, one topic that’s been on our mind is courage. And in today’s podcast episode, we had a very special guest join us for a conversation all about it. 

Laila Al-Arian is an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist and the senior producer of the documentary series Fault Lines. In this episode, we speak with her about dealing with trauma, resilience, and healing through meaningful work.   

Laila graciously opened up to us about an ordeal that she and her family went through for over 10 years as they found themselves navigating through the American justice system. And we discussed how that particular experience affects the stories which she features and tells on her show today. 

This is such a special episode to us because Laila’s story sheds light on a devastating reality that she and others go through every day. And we’re so grateful to her for sharing about it with us. 

This is definitely one conversation you want to tune into! We’re sure you’ll be just as touched and inspired by Laila and her work as we are.  

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