Ep 20: Unpacking our Role – A Pondersation on Learning How to be Anti-Racist

Bold True Life
Bold True Life
Ep 20: Unpacking our Role - A Pondersation on Learning How to be Anti-Racist

This month at Bold True Life, we’ve been having lots of behind-the-scenes conversations about race. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor have sparked a response that our generation has never seen before in this country. And we’ve been thinking, feeling, learning, and processing so much over the past few weeks. 

So for today’s episode, we decided to go ahead and record a pondersation and do a little processing out loud with you all. We talked about the emotions that’ve been coming up for us and reflected on the role we each have to play in this moment. 

The conversation wasn’t perfect, it pivoted in a few different directions, and we know there’s still a lot of learning we have to do. We even argued a bit about the “right” way to respond. Even though it got messy at some points, these types of discussions are so important. Because they’re how we grow. 

So join us as we delve into learning how to be an antiracist. 

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