Ep. 21: Cultivating Community During Uncertain Times – A Conversation with Timaj Garad

Bold True Life
Bold True Life
Ep. 21: Cultivating Community During Uncertain Times - A Conversation with Timaj Garad

This month at Bold True Life one of the themes that’s been coming up is navigating uncertainty. This can often be a scary and lonely journey. And these days, most of us are facing uncertainty in at least one aspect of our lives. So for today’s episode, we decided to explore this topic with a guest who’s particularly special to us – our cousin Timaj! 

Timaj Garad is a multi-disciplinary storyteller, Arts-Educator, Community Organizer, and Creative Consultant. Her art is autobiographical, working at the intersections of a black Muslim woman challenging injustice, unearthing truths, and healing. She’s graced over 300 stages and facilitated several arts-based workshops. And today, Timaj joined us here on the podcast! 

Our conversation centers around a beautiful poem that Timaj starts off the episode by performing for us all. From there, we dive deep into the topic of vulnerability and developing supportive communities around us. 

We chat about why it’s so hard to be vulnerable and how to practice in ways that feel safe. Timaj shares her insights from years of getting on stages in front of strangers as well as her vast experience with community building at the grassroots level. 

We also discuss the importance of ethics in community spaces. And Timaj defines for us what exactly a community that practices ethics means to her. 

It was such a pleasure for us to record this particular episode. And we’re sure you’ll enjoy and relate to the topic as much as we did. Plus, it begins differently than any other episode we’ve ever had… and this is definitely one opening that you don’t want to miss! 

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