Ep 22: Entrepreneurship, Motherhood, and Tending to the Woman Within – A Conversation with Sabrina Elizabeth

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Ep 22: Entrepreneurship, Motherhood, and Tending to the Woman Within - A Conversation with Sabrina Elizabeth

This month at Bold True Life, we’ve been thinking a lot about motherhood. One of us sisters (Meimuna) is a veteran while the other (Hanaa) is just getting started on her journey into the wonderful world of being a mom. So in an effort to prepare for the big change, we’ve been having lots of conversations on the topic lately. 

When we think of a mother’s role, the main focus is often on the children that she’s nurturing. But what about the mom herself? Doesn’t her well-being play a vital role in the well-being of the whole family? For today’s episode, our guest is a woman who specializes in just that – nurturing the nurturer! 

Sabrina Elizabeth is an ayurvedic practitioner, postpartum doula, and vaginal steam facilitator. She supports women to improve their menstrual health, fertility journey, pregnancy experience, and postpartum recovery. 

In this conversation, Sabrina shares how her own fertility struggles lead her to the work that she’s currently doing. We talk about how mothering can often be an all-consuming role and how easy it is to fall into the pit of neglecting ourselves along the way. But taking care of ourselves is essential for us to keep taking care of those dependent on us. And Sabrina shares practical tips and advice for how to actually do this. 

We also chat about spirituality in motherhood. Our guest shares about her personal experience in this regard too. Being a mom is one of most challenging jobs in the world, but it’s also amongst the most rewarding. And it’s full of profound gifts when we’re paying attention. It was such a delight having this discussion with Sabrina and having her remind us how special we are as both women and mothers. We can’t wait for you to hear this episode and soak up all her gems as well! 

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