Minisode: Its Not Who You Are, Its What You Wear

Bold True Life
Bold True Life
Minisode: Its Not Who You Are, Its What You Wear

Welcome to this mini-podcast series! Meimuna (one sister half of Bold True Life) will be talking about a big idea in a short itty bitty episode! 

Today, I’m introducing our theme of the month. And it was born from a struggle that we’ve noticed keeps coming up with our coaching clients as well as the women who’ve submitted answers to our Secret Lives project. 

And that is the struggle with identity. 

The pattern we’ve been seeing is this: When a woman is faced with a situation that stretches her way out of her comfort zone, certain things she thought about herself don’t seem to fit anymore. 

In this episode we are going to be talking about:

  • 4 types of things that we identify with that can trip us up if we are too attached
  • 3 Identity Myths that will help you navigate the sometimes painful and challenging journey of redefining “who you are”

Talk to you on the other side!



Do you want to keep talking about identity?

My sister also recorded a blogcast on this topic. And Leah V. sat down with us for a podcast conversation all about it. Happy listening! 

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