Ep 4 Becoming an Author with Reesha Goral

We’ve got another awesome guest with us this week! Author Reesha Goral joined us for a conversation about creativity. We talked about her journey of writing and publishing her first novel, The Servant Boy, back in 2016. One unique aspect of the story that really struck both of us is the way it’s author seamlessly … Read more

Ep 3 Pondersations with Hanaa and Meimuna: What’s under your rug?

In this week’s episode, we delve into the topic of authenticity. It’s become somewhat of a buzzword these days, but it means so much more than a #hashtag. Our conversation centers around how living authentically improves our life, what (we believe) is the most crucial factor for cultivating authenticity, and the most common hang-ups that … Read more

Ep 2 Saying No- Setting (Healthy) Boundaries Like a Pro with Janey Imaani

In this week’s episode, we’re chatting with our good friend and fellow life coach Janey Imaani. She’s a facilitator of Dr. Brene Brown’s Daring Way Curriculum as well as the host of a YouTube channel where she teaches about emotional awareness.  We dive into a conversation all about her experience of becoming a “YouTuber” and … Read more

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